New Moodle Analytics Service Provides Multiple Views of Course Effectiveness

New Learner and Course Analytics Service

IntelliboardScreeneXtension is glad to announce that it has implemented a new service for its premium members that provides detailed course and learner analytics for any courses delivered through Moodle. This service is being provided by Intelliboard, a company specializing in online learning analytics. Through Intelliboard, course teachers can view the performance and progress of those enrolled in their respective courses as well as analyze what elements of their courses appear to be most popular, or with which elements the participants are having most difficulty. Organizational representatives can view the participation in various courses by their employees and monitor their progress in accomplishing their learning objectives. Other interested parties can view overall site-wide metrics as well as drill down to individual course or learner statistics.

IntelliboardReportsIn all, Intelliboard comes to us with 43 different reports, each of which can be scheduled and delivered via email to interested persons. Descriptions of those reports are available at Even with this existing inventory of reports, though, there is always need for more or different ways to analyze courses and learners. Intelliboard recognizes this, and actively invites its customers to request other reports it might provide to its users. eXtension fully intends to accept that invitation as we hear from our users, and has already identified one it will submit.

Although we currently have this service connected to, our subscription allows us to connect to as many as 100 different Moodle sites. So, if any of our premium member institutions has another Moodle instance from which it would like to draw similar analytics, we can accommodate that need and provide access to those reports.

Anyone wishing to use Intelliboard, or even just to give it a trial run, can get started by dropping an email to, and we will set you up.