Interactive Print: Bringing words to life

Hopefully you are now super excited at the possibilities and ready to take the next step! Interactive print is a great way to promote Extension as well as using it as an educational tool. Let’s explore four of the most popular AR platforms so you can figure out which one will work best for your project.

layar-logo-ar_558d154446e0Layar: claims it is the “world’s #1 AR platform.” It is one of the most downloadable AR apps and gives users many options but there is a cost for using it.  The Layar app operates on Android, Apple, Blackberry devices as well as Google Glass. Layar has a dyi Creative Studio that will allow users to create their own content. Layar Demo Video


aurasma-logoAurasma offers three ways to use AR. Users can make their content accessible to consumers by hosting it on their app or by using their SDK to enhance existing apps with the Aurasma feature. Aurasma offers interactive opportunities to engage people through images, animation, video, audio and 3D content. It is available on Android and Apple devices. it does almost everything that Layar does but it is free. There are for cost membership offers as well. Aurasma Demo Video

Aurasma Aura Image
Aurasma “Aura”- download the app and see what happens
  • Use your own bill or right click on the image
    and open it in a new tab. Print the mage and scan it with the Aurasma app.
  • This is a “super aura” created by Aurasma and does not require the user to follow a channel to view it.

unnamedAugment: offers users the ability to change 2D images into #D models. This is one of my favorite apps when wanting to make a 3D model. For example I made a 3D model of a high tunnel plan from a 2D image from an Extension guidesheet. When the participant uses the app they can see the 3D model right from the guidesheet page! Augment Demo Video


Courtesy of FileHippo
Courtesy of FileHippo

Wikitude: is a European based company that focuses on offering SDK packages. The Wikitude app is available for both Apple, Android and Google Glass devices. Users can directly create their own AR campaigns when used with the online Wikitude Studio. There is a learning curve to this platform id you are not experienced in software development kits. There is a free trial version but this is an expensive way to do AR. Wikitude Videos

Join me in September for a two part webinar hosted at eXtension on Augmented Reality and how to create AR step by step. See you soon!