Join eXtension Wednesday, July 27, 2:00 p.m. EDT for Webinar on More Opportunities for Extension Professionals

Since eXtension’s March NEXC 2016 conference, the 126 Cooperative Extension professionals in the i-Three Issue Corps have been advancing their 69 projects with energy and determination. Learn more about the stories, progress and impact of their projects, as well as:

  • Plans for the 2017 i-Issue Three Corps
  • 2016-17 eXtension Fellowship Program
  • Progress report on the 2015-16 Fellows and Innovation Projects
  • Opportunity to submit your project stories for inclusion in the Horizon Report
  • New state-level Innovation Teams
  • Review of member institution benefits, including Working Out Loud and ISPI
  • New developments and opportunities for communities
  • Adobe Connect status
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • And more!

This one-hour webinar will be moderated by eXtension CEO Christine Geith. She will be joined by eXtension leaders Ashley Griffin, Terry Meisenbach, Mark Locklear, Kevin Gamble, Jerry Thomas, Beth Raney, LuAnn Phillips, and Craig Wood to answer questions and discuss new developments in the tools, services and opportunities available for Cooperative Extension teams and professionals.

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