NAEPSDP/eXtension Fellowship Opportunities

eXtension, is funding four (4) opportunities for NAEPSDP (National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals) members to serve as eXtension Fellows from January – December 2017. Recipients of the 2017 Fellowship will be named at the 2016 NAEPSDP Annual Conference. In order to be eligible for these fellowships, applicants must be current or retired Cooperative Extension Employees who are members in good standing with NAEPSDP in the 2016 membership year.

In collaboration with the National Association of Extension Program & Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP), two (2) fellowships will focus on program evaluation and two (2) will focus on program design/development. It is anticipated that as a part of its i-Three Issue Corps strategy for 2017 eXtension will conduct three (3), four-month Issue Corps cohorts, in three different quarters of the year, focusing on communities, institutional innovation teams, and a, as yet undetermined, special project.

The NAEPSDP/eXtension Fellows will serve as “key informants” throughout 2017 bringing expertise in program evaluation and program development to each Corps cohort. The specific requirements of the fellowship include:

  1. Three virtual engagements (one for each cohort) in the form of professional development/training and one-to-one consulting during the general Corps schedule using Zoom webinars and Zoom rooms provided by eXtension. Though the final design for this rests on the needs of each cohort, the first year’s eXtension cohorts had 1-3 webinars, plus weekly consulting options for two months by appointment in the topic areas aligned with the typical NAEPSDP areas of expertise.
  2. Three face-to-face engagements in the form of participating as a key informant at a multi-day design-a-thon targeting the specific work of each cohort on focused issues. Though this is to be finalized, we anticipate the selected fellows each serving as a key informant for one full day during each cohort’s design-a-thon.
  3. Write at least three blog posts on of their progress throughout the term of the fellowship.
  4. Conduct at least one webinar at the end of their fellowship sharing what they’ve learned during their fellowship.
  5. Present the results of their work in the business meeting during the NAEPSDP Annual Conference.
  6. Other: Fellows are encouraged to submit a peer-reviewed paper for publication.

Funding for the Fellowship will come via an agreement between the NAEPSDP and eXtension and will include travel costs and a small stipend. Individual Fellows will submit proposed travel budgets for pre-approval by eXtension. eXtension will pay the pre-approved amounts directly to the vendor for air fare and hotel for the required three face-to-face engagements associated with the eXtension-sponsored Issue Corps events. Fellows will submit other expenses (meals, ground transportation, etc,) and hotels for non-eXtension-sponsored events within allowable, pre-approved amounts to eXtension for reimbursement. Each Fellow will receive a copy of eXtension’s travel policy.

Fellows will also receive a $1,000 stipend for their work. This stipend will be awarded during the NAEPSDP Annual Conference at the end of the fellowship year and the fellows for the following year will be named at the same time as long as eXtension sponsorship for this award is available.

Application Process

To apply please submit the following information in a PDF document to Jerry Thomas, (

  • A maximum 1-page letter highlighting your areas of expertise in either program design/development or program evaluation and your interest in supporting Cooperative Extension peers with your expertise in these areas.
  • Copy of vitae/resume focusing on your expertise in program design/development and program evaluation. Limit of 2 pages.
  • Letter of support from your institution’s Director/Administrator for Cooperative Extension

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of eXtension representatives and the chair of the NAEPSDP Awards and Recognition Committee or his/her designee.

Questions regarding the application process should be directed to:

Jerry Thomas
Leader, eXtension I-Three Lab

About the eXtension Foundation

The eXtension Foundation is a membership-based non-profit designed to be the engine fueling U.S. Cooperative Extension’s advancement in making a more visible and measureable impact in support of education outreach from land-grant universities/colleges located in every state and territory. eXtension provides an array of opportunities for Extension professionals that foster innovation creation, the adoption of innovations at member institutions, and increased impact of Extension programs.

NAEPSDP Awards Committee Contact:

Debra T. Davis, chair