Citizen Science Resources for Cooperative Extension

As part of my 2015-16 eXtension Citizen Science Fellowship, I compiled a set of resources for Citizen Science in Cooperative Extension. Read also my thoughts on the State of Citizen Science in Extension in 2016.

tools-191794_1920Citizen science is continuing to grow inside and outside of Extension. There are many partnerships that cross the “boundaries” of Extension and agriculture and natural resources with other groups – both originating in Extension and expanding beyond, as well as forming outside Extension and bringing us in. The possibilities for involving your clientele and stakeholders in acquiring and making sense of authentic data to improve their own lives or for broader science engagement are nearly endless.

I encourage you to look through many of the resources listed below, even if you’re not sure you’re ready for data analysis – you may get ideas for different projects to join by looking at those resources. Many of these groups offer multiple tools such as project listings and project hosting in one resource, so it is hard to separate them into just one category. And don’t forget to participate in National Citizen Science Day (it goes on for much longer than just one day)!


First, two documents that offer insight into what people who participate in citizen science might take away from their experiences. This is an active area of research among the Citizen Science Association Research and Evaluation working group as well:

Lessons Learned from Evaluations of Citizen Science Programs

Review of Existing Research on Citizen Science, science education, and free-choice learning

Webinars – in these two 30-minute webinars, I present an overview of Citizen Science in Extension and the tools and resources collected, most of which (and more) are also linked here. Audience Q-and-A and further examples included.

eXtension Webinar: Introduction to Citizen Science in Extension: (recording – YouTube; slides – pdf)

eXtension Webinar: Citizen Science Tools and Resources for Extension: (recording – YouTube; slides – pdf)

Ten Principles of Citizen Science – available in 17 languages from the European Citizen Science Association, Sept. 2015

Resources for Locating Existing Citizen Science Programs (download pdf) – if you are looking to get started quickly with citizen science, these project listings have a variety of subject areas and levels of involvement. The search tools vary from site to site, so explore a few of them.
Tools for Starting and Maintaining Citizen Science Projects – includes links to webinars for professional development for project leaders (download pdf)
Example citizen science and related programs in Cooperative Extension (download pdf)
Other groups and networks to connect with about Citizen Science (download pdf)
Data Management and Analysis Tools for Citizen Science (download pdf)

Integrating Citizen Science Projects into your Curriculum (download pdf)