i-Three Issue Corps – Forks Mobile Market and Education Trolley

Everything takes longer than you think it will.  -Hofstadter’s Law
The recursive nature of the law is a reflection of the widely experienced difficulty of estimating complex tasks despite all best efforts, including knowing that the task is complex. (Wikipedia.org)

Forks Mobile Market Trolly interior refurbishing
Forks Mobile Market Trolly interior refurbishing

In our wisdom we are following the law very closely. Our Trolley is undergoing restoration at a pace slower than anticipated due to the nature of utilizing expert volunteers. We anticipate it will be between 2 – 3 weeks before we are able to have it full of produce and traveling our city.
The interior was designed by an amazing group of young architects from a local company called JLG Architects. They have spent countless hours researching, measuring, grilling their colleagues, (serving them lunch in exchange for their best ideas!), designing 3D models, meeting with us over and over again. The outside of the Trolley had wood that needed to be replaced. Rather than go with the original design A & L Siding’s master carpenter is making arches over the windows so the wood follows the curve for a much more aesthetic look. The time to remake all the woodwork is running into the hundreds of hours, most done in the evening and on weekends. The visual effect will be stunning! The Trolley has been buffed, an awning will be attached in the next week or two. The shelving, refrigeration units, and baskets have all been ordered and are ready to be installed.

Our agritourism event has been rescheduled for fall due to the late start. On September 7th our stakeholders will be invited to a “lunch in the garden” event that will be held at Stable Days Youth Ranch (SDYR). The Trolley will be there and each person will receive a token to purchase produce. We will have an educational program discussing the Trolley plans, food insecurity in our region, promoting domestic agriculture and the importance and benefits of buying local produce. Speakers will include a horticulturist, a farmer and the Director of SDYR. The Community Garden at SDYR and the garden plots that have a “Grow a Row to Share” price for anyone interested will be toured. Brochures and information will be available on how others can get involved.