eXtension Foundation New Board Members

Following a vote of affirmation by eXtension member institutions at the recent Cooperative Extension Service (CES) Directors Meeting in Jackson, Wyoming, the eXtension Foundation welcomes two new members to its Board of Directors. They are Ken La Valley, University of New Hampshire representing the Northeast Region and Barbara Petty, University of Idaho, representing the Western Region. LaValle replaces Dennis Calvin, Pennsylvania State University, who chaired the Board, and Petty replaces Fred Schlutt, University of Alaska. The new Chair of the Board is Vernon Jones, Langston University, who represents the 1890s Region.

The Foundation expresses its appreciation to departing Board members Calvin, Schlutt for their unwavering commitment and firm leadership over the past two years as eXtension went through a time of reinvention and change.

“Throughout challengingtimes, Dennis Calvin and Fred Schlutt provided wise counsel and valuable direction–along with the other Board members–keeping the eXtension team motivated and moving forward,” says Christine Geith, CEO of the eXtension Foundation. “We could not have received more positive guidance and support.”

Other continuing Board members are:

Doug Steele, Texas A&M University, Southern Region
Jason Henderson, Purdue University, North Central Region
Jane Clary Loveless, ex-officio, non-voting, USDA-NIFA
Jane Schuchardt, ex-officio, non-voting, ECOP

Also at the CES Directors meeting, the recently developed eXtension new purpose statement was formally accepted and added to the bylaws and charter. That statement is: “The specific purpose for which the Corporation is organized is to help Cooperative Extension Professionals make a visible and measurable impact on local issues.”