i-Three Issue Corps – Climate Literacy for Youth

Climate Literacy for Youth is a collaborative effort between Auburn University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to extend online learning for youth on the topic of climate science. Through an ongoing USDA NIFA grant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has developed an online learning module focused on climate science for youth audiences. Animal Agriculture in a Changing EnvironmentIn partnership with the For Youth, For Life Learning Network based at Auburn University, the course was to be be modified for greater youth appeal and aligned with a digital form of recognizing learning achievement. A collection of youth oriented content pages on the topic of Climate Literacy are being developed via eXtension as well. While the project has experience some delays, the project team is committed to its completion and making the learning resource available.

Climate forcing illustration
Natural Climate Forcing


Climate Literacy for Youth extends online learning for youth on the topic of climate science through interactive learning modules presented through an online course. The core collection of youth oriented content pages on climate science on the www.extension.org website allows for deeper learning during or following the course. Based on an existing online course developed at Texas A&M University, the project modified and enhanced the course presentation to have greater appeal and flexibility for a youth audience. In collaboration with eXtension’s For Youth, For Life Learning Network (FYFLnet) based at Auburn University, the team also identified and created original youth oriented content pages to expand on specific climate issues.  In addition, the FYFLnet intends to work within the Auburn University Outreach LMS (AU Catalog) to provide an easily accessed open online course consistent with the original Climate Science content. The course will feature multiple modules based on original course layout in a manner to enable easy transition from one module to another. With the integration of digital badges in the AU Catalog LMS there will be an option to recognize learning achievement in the Climate Science course with a digital badge to be awarded upon completion of the course.

Weather conditions
Climate Literacy – Weather Conditions


The Climate Science course was developed as a part of an existing project targeted for youth audience. One goal of this collaboration is to extend the course to youth in 4-H programs in Texas and Alabama. It will also integrate in the www.extension.org environment making it available nationally and globally. The learning objective of the course is to improve youth understanding of and appreciation for climate science (literacy) to inform decisions in the larger conversation on climate. This project will keep that objective with a focus on engaging a broader youth audience through collaboration.

To learn more about the Animal Agriculture in a Changing Environment please visit the website at this link:  http://animalagclimatechange.org/.