IMPORTANT WEB MEETING October 12: Discussion of Ask an Expert Change Recommendations

Opportunity for Extension Professionals to Review Proposed Changes to Ask an Expert 

Ask an Expert logoRecently eXtension led a reassessment of Ask an Expert. While Ask an Expert is one of eXtension’s most valued assets with more than 321,284 questions answered by 6,474 experts since February 21, 2008, the steadily increasing volume of questions from 2008 to the present has posed challenges for the professionals and volunteers who serve as experts to answer the questions. To get your input, eXtension will be hosting a web meeting on Wednesday, October 12, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern to discuss the findings and recommendations for changes. Prior to attending the web meeting, we suggest that attendees review this document — Recommendation for Ask an Expert Changes. For more information, to register for this web meeting, and to add this event to your calendar, visit