eXtension Quarterly Webinar on Recent Developments for Extension Professionals

Join eXtension October 19 for a Report on New Developments in eXtension Offerings

eXtension has had a busy summer, developing new concepts, completing new projects, networking and researching new trends and opportunities. Join us at  2 p.m Eastern on Wednesday, October 19, for our Quarterly Webinar update on our progress. The one-hour webinar will be moderated by eXtension Chief Operating Officer, Beverly Coberly.  She will be joined by eXtension leaders including Anne Adrian, Debbie Brown, Ashley Griffin, Terry Meisenbach, and Jerry Thomas. Together they will focus on sharing developments, answering questions and gathering your comments on the following topics.

  • A deep dive into our new competency capacity and how it works
  • Upcoming i-Three Issue Corps 2017 Opportunities
  • Horizon Report Feedback and Webinar Series
  • Innovation Lab Opportunities
  • New Fellows and Their Topics
  • Ask an Expert Next Steps
  • Update on Community Issue Corps
  • New Omnibus Landing Page for Professional Development
  • Webinar Planning and Growth
  • And more…

For more information and to add this webinar event to your calendar, please visit http://learn.extension.org/events/2806.