Shatomi Luster-Edward Named Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program Fellow

Shatomi Luster EdwardeXtension has named Dr. Shatomi Luster-Edward as the Program Fellow for the upcoming Diversity and Inclusion Impact Collaborative. She will devote the majority of her time in 2018 to setting up an organizing committee, recruiting participants, and mobilizing support networks for Impact Collaborative participants.

Dr. Shatomi Luster-Edward is a Financial Education Specialist with the University of Missouri (MU) Extension. She focuses on various aspects of financial education that include the following initiatives and programs: economic development, rapid response for dislocated workers, payday lending, small dollar loans, tax assistance, renting and housing initiatives, to name a few.

Serving as a consultant in the areas of organizational development, staff development, and program/project management, Shatomi serves communities in both Kansas and Missouri.  Nationally, Mrs. Luster-Edward serves on the Prosperity Now (formerly CFED) executive board, that focuses to make financial security a possibility for people of color and those with limited incomes. Shatomi serves on the executive board of EXCEL (Expanding College for Exceptional Learners), that focuses on young adults/students with disabilities. In addition, Shatomi, co-founded GiRL Inc. (Gifted Intelligent Respectable Ladies), building and implementing life skills for K-12 learners.

She has also traveled abroad on vocational group study exchanges and to present in Romania and Nairobi, Kenya. These exchanges provided an opportunity of understanding that emphasized the importance of cultural awareness, educational acumen, and socioeconomic acuteness.

A graduate from the University of Missouri (MU) and Ottawa University (OU), she received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration (OU) and her doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (MU).

“Throughout my life and life lessons I have always valued people.  That value was guided by The Golden Rule, ‘treat others as one would wish to be treated.’  My hope is, with the help of others, that I (preferably “we”), can make a substantial community impact and provide program solutions that incorporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  I’m excited about the DEI Collaborative/Fellowship as it allows me to substantiate the value of individuals.”

You can contact Dr. Luster-Edward at