News Roundup – February 2018

If you were thinking about attending the Madison or Ithaca Designathon One events, be sure to take note below of actions you need to do today! Have any comments or questions? As always, let us know by tweeting to @eXtension4u and using the #coopext and/or #eXtIC hashtag.

News Roundup

Paul Hill (left) and Jamie Seger (right)

Thank You!  The eXtension Innovation Lab has brought some inspiring and thought-provoking work to the forefront of eXtension and the Cooperative Extension System. Innovation grants and fellows have developed pathways to help us explore the maker movement, networked knowledge, and citizen science among other emerging topics. Innovate Extension events gave us a glimpse into the future of Extension and the Ed Tech Learning Network has become the go-to resource for exploring innovation in educational outreach. Jerry Thomas and Jamie Seger (Ohio State) and Paul Hill and Emy Swadley (Utah State) have been at the center of the lab. As they all return to previous roles at their respective institutions, we want to say “Thank You!” for their dedication to advancing innovation in Extension. (Paul and Jamie are pictured, right). Even though the lab will no longer exist as a stand-alone entity, the work of the lab will continue through the Impact Collaborative. The EdTechLN will also continue with tweetups and the newsletter. To learn more about the lab’s accomplishments visit the eXtension Innovation page.

Designathon One. Important dates for two Designathon Events are TODAY!

  • Ithaca, NY, February 20-22, 2018 (co-hosted by Cornell Cooperative Extension). The hotel block releases today (February 8) and the group rate will no longer be guaranteed. The early bird registration rate is available until February 13.
  • Madison WI, February 19-21, 2018 (co-hosted by University of Wisconsin Extension). Register by February 8 to ensure enough Kickboxes are shipped! The early bird registration rate is available until February 12.

Why attend? Learn a unique and supported process for getting good ideas on the ground efficiently. Designathon One emphasizes innovation, engagement, and designing for impact. The rest of the Impact Collaborative process builds on the learnings from D1. Check out the photo album from the Raleigh event and take a look at the #eXtIC hashtag on Twitter to learn more!

Apply to the Impact Collaborative. eXtension created the Impact Collaborative to advance the Cooperative Extension System relevant to creating co-innovated solutions for emerging problems. Change, challenge, or validate the way you approach projects and programs by participating in the IC.

Karen VineseXtension NAEPSDP Fellow. As Cooperative Extension is increasingly being asked to co-create solutions with partners and communities we serve, it requires a different approach in program planning.  Karen Vines, Virginia Tech, has been selected as the  2018 NAEPSDP eXtension program design/development fellow. Karen will serve as a key informant for the 2018 Impact Collaborative in program development and will focus on helping extension professionals use engagement in their program planning. Read more…

Success Stories. Be inspired by how Extension professionals found new tools and approaches that increase their ability to impact their target audiences.

  • Impact Collaborative Process Helps Extension Professionals Create Online Civil Rights Training Course (Minnesota) Read more…

eXtension LearnUpcoming Webinars

Check out these (among many more) upcoming professional development events listed on

  • Join the JCEP 2018 Leadership Conference Virtual Town Hall Meeting which will be broadcast on February 14, 2018, 1:00-2:30 PM EST. The topic is “Balancing Innovatin and Tradition”. Learn more or register…
  • The National Extension Web Mapping Tool (NEWT) was developed help extension professionals use spatial data in program decisions. February 22, 2018, at 2 pm EST. Learn more or register…

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Visit anytime and search for topics in your area or expertise or in areas in which you need to get started. Want to know about bugs, financial management, food safety, or military children? There are dozens of recordings being added every month to this valuable resource. Visit…