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News Roundup – April 2018

You may recognize (D x V x F x S) > R as the change formula, or at least one version of it. D= dissatisfaction. V = vision. F = first steps. S = support. R = resistance. For more, watch this 8-minute video. When the product of the left side of the equation is greater than resistance, change can happen. As one Designathon One participant noted, “If D, V, F, or S = 0, then resistance wins.” Which part of D, V, F, or S do you find the hardest to get above zero? Which is the easiest?

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News Roundup

Apply to the Impact Collaborative.  The IC is designed to support teams and projects and encourage innovation toward measurable local impact. Connect with other extension professionals, find solutions, and carve out time to take your projects and programs to the next level! Learn more about the IC 2018…

Next Steps – Designathon One. The first five IC Designathon One events included 170 extension professionals and their community partners. The next wave of events is being redesigned to have a greater focus on local or state priorities and context. To accomplish this, a local design team will work with the Impact Collaborative team prior to each event. The University of Kentucky will host the first pilot local Designathon One event in late April with their design team prioritizing next steps for their Innovation Working Group and key initiatives across the state. Several more such events are being discussed. Learn more about Designathon One or how to request one for your state…

Nexus 4 change logoInformation Exchange. Three members of the Impact Collaborative team will be presenting about the IC process and program at the 2018 Information Exchange. Nexus4Change is hosting the exchange with the theme “Transformative Change And Innovation”. The event will be May 16-19, 2018, in Perrysburg, OH. Extension professionals wanting to accelerate their competence and confidence in deep transformative change — leveraging the power of the collaborative tools & methods that equip organizations and communities tackling 21st Century challenges should attend. Learn more | Register

Pesticide Grants. In September 2017, EPA awarded a new five-year cooperative agreement to eXtension Foundation to establish and administer a national sub-award program in support of pesticide applicator education, and training for certified applicators of restricted used pesticides. An online application process was created and 83% (46/57) of eligible applicants applied, and were awarded, funds. The total amount funded was over one million dollars with the average award being over $23,000. Learn more…

journal of extension logoJournal of Extension. Two articles in the February Journal of Extension have ties to eXtension.

Web Mapping Tool. An eXtension innovation grant project, the National Extension Web Mapping Tool (NEWT), is available for use. The goal of NEWT is to help extension professionals effectively use spatial data to make program and strategic planning decisions. NEWT is designed to be user-friendly for those with no Geographic Information System (GIS) experience and is also useful for those familiar with GIS. NEWT provides relevant spatial data at a variety of scales (national, state, county) in a variety of formats (maps, tables, graphs). Learn more or register for the upcoming webinar on April 12, 2018, at 2 pm EDT. Visit the NEWT website…

ed tech ln logoEdTechLN. If you weren’t able to join the March 15 EdTechLN tweetup, take a look at the recap “New Tech Tools & Tips for 2018.” The next tweetup will be April 19, 2018, at 2 pm EDT. The topic is Instructional Design Best Practices. The host will be Gwyn Shelle, Michigan State University, and the moderator will be Emy Swadley, Utah State University. Participate by following and using the #EdTechLN hashtag on Twitter or by using one of the recommended live Twitter chat tools.

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Visit learn.extension.org anytime and search for topics in your area or expertise or in areas in which you need to get started. Want to know about bugs, financial management, food safety, or military children? There are dozens of recordings being added every month to this valuable resource. Visit learn.extension.org…

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