4-H BioBand Fitness Tracker Provides Wide Variety of Innovative Experiences


4-H BioBand Fitness Tracker to Combine Maker Education, Data Science, Fitness, and Wearable Tech

Member Institution:
Ohio State University

Columbus, OH, USA

Key Experts:


Robert Horton

Role: Project Leader

Key Words

Big Data
4-H & Youth
Citizen Science
Maker Movement
Wearable Technology


The project features a first-of-its-kind 4-H BioBand Fitness Tracker kit with Arduino microcontroller connecting heart rate, physical activity, and temperature with capabilities of operating within the structure of the internet. The 4-H BioBand Fitness Tracker is expected to generate large amounts of data from the various sensors, thereby increasing the necessity for a quick aggregation of the data, and an increase in the need to index, store, and process such data more effectively. Overall, the project team envisions demystifying for youth the basic principles of technology design and data collection that can then be utilized and applied as Data Scientists to examine their own fitness behavior, customize their Bio-Band’s data input to fit their physical profile, and compare their experiences with a greater community of users.

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