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Connect Extension, available to all Cooperative Extension professionals, is an interactive hub for learning, professional development, and collaboration intended to drive engagement opportunities through cross-sector partnerships that collectively drive innovation and action toward meaningful impact. All Cooperative Extension professionals are invited to join. 

Here’s How You Use It:  In addition to being a great place to find new learning and professional development opportunities, Connect Extension provides tools that will help institutional or multi-state programs accomplish its mission. Connect Extension provides all the tools you need – forums, chat, content creation, sharing functions, calendars and surveys – on a single, proprietary platform that is available to all Extension professionals. 

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Why be a member of eXtension?

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with more than 3500 Extension professionals through our Impact Collaborative program and we want to continue helping project and program teams from our member institutions on their journey from idea to implementation to impact. Just in 2019, teams that incubated with the Impact Collaborative received nearly $700K in federal grants. From the $1.1 million in membership funding we leveraged, we were able to invest $2.4 million back to the system.

Your membership supports three programs within eXtension: the New Technologies for Ag Extension Cooperative Agreement with USDA-NIFA, the Pesticide Safety Education Funds Program Cooperative Agreement with the EPA, and our Impact Collaborative program exclusively for members.

eXtension members have the benefit of leveraging our Impact Collaborative program to help guide vision and strategy, support alignment, cultivate community engagement and ownership of projects, establish shared measures across the system, advance policy, and mobilize resources in the diverse program areas of Cooperative Extension locally, regionally, and nationally.

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