Acknowledgment of eXtension Free Tools for Member Institutions

To: Grant Reviewers

From: Chris Geith, CEO, eXtension Foundation

Subject: Acknowledgment of eXtension Free Tools for Member Institutions

eXtension is a non-profit membership organization that is an integral part of the Cooperative Extension System. The Foundation helps Cooperative Extension professionals make a more measurable and visible impact on local issues. We have a unique system for engaging Cooperative Extension professionals to design and strengthen local programs and interventions to solve local, state, regional and national issues. We also have online tools available to support local solutions.

eXtension is prepared to support this proposal with the software tools it makes available to anyone with .gov, .mil and .edu email addresses for no fee regardless of membership in the eXtension Foundation. In 2019, these tools include:

  • A question and answer application for groups focused on their specific topics,
  • A listing service for online events such as webinars,
  • Publishing on or
  • Web hosting for for multi-state and national projects

For as long as the principal investigator(s) is associated with a paid member institution ( ) in the eXtension Foundation, they have access to the Impact Collaborative. Member institutions can host Designathon events and nominate people to be trained as Impact Collaborative facilitators. The project will have access to our Zoom webinar service for public-facing events, and to our competency-based online learning management system to deliver their programs.

All of these eXtension tools and services are subject to change based on funding and priorities of the eXtension Foundation.

We are pleased to provide this letter of acknowledgment in support of this proposal.


Christine Geith
CEO, eXtension Foundation