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Augmented Reality Innovations

Extending Reality: Instant Access to Extension Resources Using Augmented Reality Innovations

Member Institution:
University of Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Key Experts:

heather wallaceHeather Wallace

Emily TiptonEmily Tipton

This project will explore Augmented Reality (AR) to engage consumers in a manner that will revolutionize daily life and transform research-based information access. This project is an innovation incubator to test augmented reality in consumers’ daily lives and will serve as a pilot in development and use of augmented reality software and existing content from eXtension and land grant institutions. While virtual reality “tests” possible scenarios, augmented reality applies solutions in real-time by projecting layers of data onto real world environments, creating deeper and more meaningful experiences for users.

Project Updates:
Apple iPad devices, combined with iOS app Layar, are key components to this project as they will serve as the vehicle for creating Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for users. The iOS devices will be deployed into counties across Tennessee to test this technology in the hands of Extension agents. Each device will be managed remotely using a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) software known as Cisco Meraki. Meraki MDM enables IT administrators to implement new apps and settings for AR testing as well as manage and troubleshoot issues with the devices from the cloud. Augmented Reality apps, such as Layar, will permit state-level specialists to extend the shelf-life of traditional print publications by adding the option of updating the digital AR experiences that are attached to the static content as desired. For more information about Layar, please visit – https://www.layar.com/.

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