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Ask an Expert Enhances Profile Editing

We’ve observed a perennial need to help experts edit settings on their Ask an Expert profiles. Whether it’s group leaders trying to get a group to function more effectively, or an individual who needs help tweaking settings, there wasn’t a good way to step in and directly help someone. Although we did have the ability […]

AaE 2.0 Design Process: Groups

One of the areas we want to address in the new Ask an Expert (AaE) is a better way for people to work together. To this effect, we are looking at introducing groups. Aside from being an organizational tool, groups would provide a new way to assign and answer questions. In fact, a group would […]

AaE 2.0 Design Process: Displaying Answers

Last week we shared some of the features and changes conceived for the new version of Ask an Expert ( To say the least, the proposed changes sparked a lively and robust discussion. We are listening to all the feedback that’s coming in and incorporating it into the design process. Furthermore, we want to continue […]