Author: Ben MacNeill

Ask an Expert and Cooperative Extension

Ask an Expert now highlights that it is part of the Cooperative Extension System through new site branding. The Cooperative Extension logo can be seen on and on the question widgets which are embedded on third party sites.
illustration of linearized mobile content

Use a Mobile First Design Strategy to Create Focus

When we recently redesigned the new homepage one of the issues we ran into was trying to come to a consensus in prioritizing content on the main landing page. We were merging the content from two different sites (the now-defunct and the previous incarnation of as well as introducing brand new requirements. […]

New Tag Clean-up Tool in Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert makes heavy use of descriptive expertise tags for organization and question routing. For example, we try to match a question tagged “gardening” and “peppers” to an expert or group with those same tags. Our library of tags has been built organically by experts adding tags in the flow as they see fit. […]

New Ask an Expert Question Widget

We have released a brand new version of the Ask an Expert Question widget, the question form which can be embedded on Cooperative Extension web pages or other third party sites. The new widget offers substantial improvements over the existing one including: better design multiple image uploads (3 vs. 1) dynamic width and height resizing […]

Ask an Expert Question Wrangler Improvements

We released a change to the “Hand off to a Question Wrangler” option to try to improve the quality of question assignments. When someone clicks that option, we now ask “Why?” and provide a couple of common reasons in the form of one-click prompts. We’re not doing anything programmatically with this information (yet), but it […]

Ask an Expert Recent Improvements

Self-serve Widget Builder We’ve released a new self-serve Ask an Expert widget builder tool which allows anyone to create a custom widget to display questions filtered by location, group or tags. You can play with this new feature at Include “not available” experts in the reassignment list We’ve also released a change on the […]

Ask an Expert Updates, Improves, Adds Features

Improved submitter sign-in page When someone submits a question, they may view or edit it using a protected URL. If we don’t recognize the submitter (e.g. they are visiting using a different browser), we display a sign-in landing page. The landing page design has been cleaned up to make the actions more obvious for both […]

Public Ask an Expert Questions: Editing for SEO and Curation

Ask an Expert provides a direct one-to-one conversation between the question submitter and the responding expert. However, if the submitter chooses to make the question public by checking the “Share my question on Ask an Expert” box, it can suddenly end up in front of a much larger audience. To improve the quality and discoverability […]

Ask an Expert: Recently Released Features

Enhanced Reporting There’s a new “questions touched” metric which counts all question activity (answered, assigned, tagged, edited, located, grouped) for individual experts. State reports have also been expanded to include a breakdown of in-state vs out-of-state expert activity for that state’s questions. Reports now include the entire list of experts for a given location or […]