Author: Ben MacNeill

Events at eXtension: Learn and

eXtension currently offers two different options to list and promote events. There’s the calendar listings on and listings in Learn. Events posted to the calendar are simply listings. They may include online events or events with a physical location such as conferences, field days, meetups, clinics or workshops. Events with a physical location […]

Learn Has Gone Public and Other New Features

The eXtension Learn app is now open to the public with new sign-in options using social network services. You don’t have to have an eXtension ID to be able to participate in Learn discussions; you can sign in with your Twitter, Google+ and Facebook accounts. What does this mean for you? Broader Audience. Invite your […]

Welcome to the New Learn

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 you will see a new look and new, social features at This site for professional development for all of Cooperative Extension has grown over the years, and with the growth, a need for more engagement and opportunity for learning to take place around the events. This listing of professional development […]

Search in Ask an Expert

Just a quick post to mention that Ask an Expert now has a global search field that can be accessed from anywhere in the AaE application. Previously, you needed to view a question detail page to get to the search field. We hope this little change makes AaE easier to use!

Tracking Outgoing Links on the Public Site with Google Analytics

A few weeks ago we started collecting a new metric in Google Analytics (GA) that can help explain how users interact with content on the eXtension public site. The new metric tracks outgoing clicks, which can reveal where and why visitors are leaving a page. Previously, if an article had a link pointing to an […]

New Feature: Ask an Expert Photo Upload

By popular demand, Ask an Expert now supports image upload. This brand new feature allows people to submit up to three images with their question. They can also submit additional images in any AaE follow-up responses. Image upload is live on the Ask an Expert form on the Public Site (with a new, cleaner design) […]

New Widget for Sharing eXtension Content

Last week we released a new content widget which allows anyone to display a customized list of eXtension content on their own webpage. You can choose what content to display by selecting from any combination of content tags, choose what type of content (Articles, FAQs, Events, or a combination of Articles and FAQs) and how […]

Software Updates for March

A newly redesigned homepage for the eXtension Public Site was released today along with some several miscellaneous performance improvements and features in the Ask an Expert application. The Public Site The continued growth in the number of eXtension Communities of Practice strained the existing homepage layout as more and more communities were added to the […]

Software Updates for December

We rolled out a few new features and several miscellaneous bug fixes today in the Public Site and Ask an Expert application. There’s a new “Don’t assign me questions” option in your AaE preferences. This feature does exactly what it says. When selected, AaE questions can not be assigned to you. We anticipate adding a […]

New Preview Features for the Public Site

This morning we released new code that greatly simplifies and strengthens the architecture behind the wiki-to-pubsite publishing process. This new code has a big impact on previewing content from the wiki. New and Improved Real Time Previewing Previewing a piece of content from the CoP wiki is now a real time feature. You no longer […]