Author: Dan Cotton

2006 Milestones and Timeline

Recently, I was asked about the 2006 eXtension milestones and when key milestones would be met. I shared with the person they should expect to see the launch of the FAQ / Ask an Expert system, the launch of the first group of public Community of Practice (CoP) Web sites, another group of Communities of […]

Request for Applications: Web Conference Center for eXtension

eXtension would like to receive applications from land-grant universities interested in developing and supporting a national eXtension Web Conferencing Center. The center will be expected to support a variety of organizational and educational activities associated with the work of: * Pioneering Communities of Practice * iTeams (institutional teams) * Training and Development Programs * Advisory […]

eXtension in View: National Directors and Administrators (NED/A) Meeting

The National Extension Directors and Administrators (NED/A) meeting was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico last week. On Wednesday, February 15, I participated in an eXtension presentation, which went very well. Elbert Dickey, Director of Cooperative Extension in Nebraska and Chair of the eXtension Governing Committee, shared the eXtension 2005 Report on Investment Annual Report with […]

Association of Extension Adminstrators Winter Meeting

Craig Wood and I recently visited with the Association of Extension Administrators (AEA) at their winter meeting in Houston, TX. Lorenza Lyons, Executive Administrator of AEA, invited us to give an eXtension update and to discuss how their community can better engage in eXtension. The presentation focused on eXtension mission, vision, values and guiding principles, […]