Author: Jason Young

‘People’: Meet the New (Almost the Same as the Old) Application

eXtension’s “People” application – on the web at – is at the center of eXtension’s websites and services. For most of eXtension’s applications, every sign in and every account, goes through People. When it’s unavailable, so are the other services in eXtension. Thankfully, for almost five years, the People site has been the workhorse […]

New Ask an Expert Feature: Comments

Our Ask an Expert system now supports comments on any question in the system, from anyone. You are no longer restricted to comments only at the time of assigning a question to another expert. To add your comment, just click “Add a comment” on the detail page for any question: The comment will be emailed […]

Time zone support in People and Ask an Expert

The eXtension People and Ask an Expert now include support for displaying times relative to your own time zone (as opposed to UTC time). Setting your timezone is easy, just edit your profile and select your time zone from the drop down list. Here’s short video describing the feature:

End of Life for eXtension chat service

On September 20, 2010 eXtension will be shutting down the eXtension chat server currently operating at in an effort to focus on essential collaborative tools and workspaces. Current chat users are encouraged to switch to Google Talk, AOL Instant Messenger, or other IM networks and to reconnect with their chat colleagues through those services. […]

Building on eXtension

One of the goals for the eXtension Engineering Team is to make as much of our data and information programmatically available to our peers as we can. We’ve just begun doing that this year, and our colleagues are already taking advantage of it – and we wanted to highlight their efforts. Ray Kimsey, at North […]

Updates for the FAQ and Events Tools

We’ve just released an update to our FAQ and Events content creation tools, most of the changes were things that we’ve done “behind the scenes” – but there’s a few changes and improvements that you will want to know. Common Codebase and New Host FAQ and Events now share a common codebase. More importantly, they […] sites maintenance

As part of a software upgrade to the applications that drive the,,, and sites, we’ll be putting each of those sites in maintenance mode from 5:30am EDT until approximately 7:00am EDT on Wednesday, August 12th. For more status updates – watch our tumblr or follow us on twitter

Pull up the rocking chair and let us set and talk a while

As Extension professionals, we know that conversation and relationship building within our communities of practice and our communities of interest is the key to all that we do. Sharing, storytelling, asking questions, and providing answers is our core mission. But what are the best solutions for doing that? That is a key question that Sue […]

Upcoming Downtime for

On January 20, 2009, our Public Site ( ) will have an extended downtime. starting at 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time – and lasting until 6:30am Eastern Standard Time on January 21, 2009.   Our partner that provides hosting for the physical server is moving our server to a new datacenter. During the outage, we’ll be […]