Author: James Robinson

Contribute to Extension’s Custom Search Engine

The Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) provided at now allows eXtension ID holders to contribute to the search engine. Logged in users will see a contribute link on the main search page that points to the new Cooperative Extension Search URL Manager. Anyone with an eXtension ID may add or remove sites as needed. […]

eXtension – Unplugged

Ain’t Got No eSatisfaction The Tubes Came Out Down at the POP The Sup 2 Blues Meltdown Goin’ to the Hardware Store Switchin’ and a Swatchin’ The Cisco Disco Da Cards in the Mail A Whole Lotta Lovin’ Eternity Plus Two Hours Restoration Hallelujah Chorus Produced by: MCNC/NCREN Recorded at: NCSU Performed by: ComTech For […]

Enabling Extension Engagement

eXtension is deploying and developing many applications over the next several months. All the applications have one thing in common: collaboration. While the IT team is heavily focused on the technology, we are keenly aware that the technology is not what defines the success of eXtension. Web 2.0, tagging, the “read-write” web, social networking — […]

About eXtension

Welcome! If you are looking for information about the National eXtension Initiative, you have found the right place.