Author: Jill Heemstra

News Roundup – April 2017

Knowledge In much of academia, we think of knowledge as something that we possess, something that can be acquired and collected. We think of knowledge as having value for its own sake. However, we live in a world where knowledge is being increasingly commoditized. There is more knowledge than ever and most of it is […]

eXtension News Roundup – March 2017

Visibility. I have talked about it recently and a few people asked me what it means. After all, Extension is the local face of the University and many of us live, work, and volunteer alongside the people we serve. As you read below, some items are about innovation or presenting our work and data clearly. […]

Five Innovation Grants Awarded for 2017

Five projects have been selected from more than 90 proposals submitted for funding through the eXtension Foundation Innovation Lab. The projects span many of the topics highlighted in the recent Horizon Report 2016-2021 Cooperative Extension Edition and range from Makers, to geospatial technology, drones, Internet of Things, and more. Read expanded descriptions of these projects… […]

eXtension News Roundup – February 2017

Thought Leaders. Global Perspectives. Exciting Professional Development Opportunities. These are just three of the reasons to closely read this month’s news roundup! Digital Green eXtension Fellowship Call for Application Is Open Are you interested in Extension approaches that have been tested and proven in other countries? Do you enjoy working with innovative digital technologies? Digital […]

eXtension News Roundup – January 2017

The monthly news roundup highlights the launch of the Diversity and Inclusion Corps, gives updates on two fellowship projects, and previews some exciting professional development opportunities. Seger and Hill To Be Featured in JCEP Panel Reminder! “Purposeful Leadership: Preparing for the Edge” is the subject of a virtual town hall webinar that will be broadcast […]

Ed Tech Learning Network Founders Receive JCEP Award for Creative Excellence

Four founding members of the Ed Tech Learning Network (EdTechLN) were awarded the Award for Creative Excellence at the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) held in February. Those members include Jamie Seger and Jerry Thomas, Ohio State University; Paul Hill, Utah State University; and Barbara Chamberlin, New Mexico State University. Jamie and Paul were […]

National Pesticide Safety Education Center Will Support University Extension Programs

The National Pesticide Safety Education Center has hired Tom Smith to be Executive Director of the organization and Kerry Richards as the Educational Program Developer. Tom’s leadership is an important milestone in the establishment of the National Pesticide Safety Education Center. “We are excited to have Tom assume day-to-day responsibility for the Center,” says Dean […]

eXtension News Roundup – December 2016

The December news roundup highlights several webinar recordings on the Horizon Report and about webinar production. We also look at the three different Issue Corps programs and update on each of those. We hope your new year is off to a productive and happy start! Looking Ahead Don’t miss this exciting event coming in January […]

eXtension Launches New Community Issue Corps with Designathon

On December 8-9, 2016, 64 members of the eXtension Foundation’s new Community Issue Corps representing eight project teams from Communities of Practice (CoPs) convened at the Detroit Renaissance Center Hotel to participate in an eXtension Designathon. The Designathon is a high-energy workshop that guides participants with innovative ideas for addressing local issues through the creation […]