Author: Katie Stofer

Citizen Science Resources for Cooperative Extension

As part of my 2015-16 eXtension Citizen Science Fellowship, I compiled a set of resources for Citizen Science in Cooperative Extension. Read also my thoughts on the State of Citizen Science in Extension in 2016. Citizen science is continuing to grow inside and outside of Extension. There are many partnerships that cross the “boundaries” of […]

The State of Citizen Science in Extension in 2016

From data collection to asking questions to publishing and presenting data, making steps to understand the universe has gone back to its roots – in the hands of everyone, with or without a degree. Millions of people around the world are contributing to science research outside of their normal professional activities – that’s the essence of […]
Citizen Scientists pose during butterfly collection

Citizen Science: Outside the Ivory Tower and Inside our Communities

Citizen Science (a.k.a. public participation in scientific research) is just that – science by the people, not just those formally prepared to professionally conduct research. For centuries, non-professionals have been contributing to formal academic research by collecting data, and even sometimes analyzing and reporting on that data.   The next 100 years In the U.S., […]