Author: Lawrence Lippke

New Learner and Course Analytics Service

eXtension is glad to announce that it has implemented a new service for its premium members that provides detailed course and learner analytics for any courses delivered through Moodle. This service is being provided by Intelliboard, a company specializing in online learning analytics. Through Intelliboard, course teachers can view the performance and progress of those […]
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When Is A Course Not A Course?

Mention the word “course” in an educational environment, and what is it that normally comes to peoples’ minds?  In all likelihood, it involves reading documents, watching videos, submitting homework assignments, completing projects, taking tests, responding to surveys, and maybe somewhere down the line, gaining a certificate or diploma—something to formally acknowledge satisfactory completion of those […]
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Launching the New eXtension Ship

In a recent blog post, Terry Meisenbach talked about the “Summer Sprint,” and the current “Fast and Furious Fall.”  And now we have news about presentations at NEDA, four new things to expect from eXtension, and the i-Three Issue Corps efforts in addressing climate change and food systems. WHEW!! Having been involved in this flurry […]

eXtension Campus (Moodle) Continues Strong Growth

eXtension’s online course system,, continues to grow in both course numbers and participation. There are currently 306 courses available for enrollment, with another 327 either being developed or used for training or testing. These courses are being taught by 489 Extension faculty representing 47 states or agencies. Since January 1, 2014, some 11,470 new […]

Judging Horses Online Provides Experience

Judging horses competitively provides youth and college students with the opportunity to gain life skills such as decision making, organizing thoughts, objective evaluation and public speaking. Developing the ability to judge horses well requires practice before the competitions. Although it is ideal to practice judging live animals, opportunities to judge quality horses in person can […]