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Campus Update Focuses on Broader Metrics

Over the past four months, Update articles have highlighted a few of the courses available in Moodle through, eXtension’s online course system. Karen Hall explained how Campus has contributed to training Master Gardeners in South Carolina. The next month Cynthia Strasheim and Maureen Burson told of seeking eXtension’s help to put a course […]

Working Differently: eXtension Introduced New Technology to Ohio State’s Linnette Goard

Reduce health care costs. Increase wellness and productivity of employees. That seems to be today’s mantra for every industry and organization but that was the goal in 2006 when the wellness coordinator for the County Commissioners Association of Ohio asked Ohio State University Extension for help in lowering health care costs and having healthier, more […]

State of Nevada Trainings Online Benefit Rural Employees

The State of Nevada requires employees to take mandatory training courses upon employment and retake them every few years. The courses had to be completed using specific state computers or by attending in-person classes. Much of Nevada is rural, and therefore it was difficult for rural county employees to complete the trainings. Seeing a need, […]

eXtension in the News Thanks to CoP Leaders, Writers

24 media mentions — From Small Farm Canada to The Denver Post to the Farm Journal, eXtension was in the news in July. A list of articles that mentioned eXtension is at