Author: Craig Wood


Make an Impact! Be a part of the i-Three Rapid Solutions!

I want to invite you to come be part of eXtension’s new i-Three Strategy. You can be part of the 200-member i-Three Issue Corps , an i-Three Innovation Lab, or i-Three Rapid Solutions. The Rapid Solutions will be prototyping to deliver fast, effective results that address local issues. Our I-Three Strategy will focus on two […]

Forest Farming CoP Offers Webinar

Join the Forest farming CoP as they offer a webinar on Forest Farming Non-Timber Products: Opportunities and Challenges. Jim Chamberlain will talk about harvesting products from the forest. Join the CoP on Wednesday, May 16, at noon EDT.

Legal Issues in Animal Agriculture: Regulating Living Space

The National Agricultural Law Center is providing an online webinar “Legal Issues in Animal Agriculture: Regulating Living Space.” The webinar will be on May 10, 2012 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. (Eastern). The webinar is the first in a series of National Agricultural Law Center outreach activities focused on legal issues in animal agriculture. […]

Early Registration Deadline May 20th for National CoP Workshop

Early registration for the National CoP Workshop ends May 20th. So, make sure that you are registered. Also check out the interviews with our keynote speakers for the CoP Workshop. David Warlick talks about teaching and technology in an interview with eXtension. Melissa Rach’s shares her thoughts on content audits and how she got started […]

Call for Abstract and Presentations for eXtension National Conference

2009 eXtension National Conference Call for Abstracts/Presentations Mark your calendars! The 2009 eXtension National Conference will be held in St. Louis MO. October 20-23 and we are looking for members of Institutional Teams and county staff, as well as CoP members to present abstracts about eXtension implementation at state and local level, effective use of […]

Ever wondered how to form a community of practice?

If you are interested in forming a community of practice for eXtension the process is really straight forward and easy to do. The eXtension Community of Practice Handbook contains a reference sheet on forming a community of practice. This reference sheet walks you through a step by step process of forming a community. The community […]

Do you Twitter?

Is Twitter TOO Good? Kathy Sierra has a very interesting post about Twitter. “Twitter scares me. For all its popularity, I see at least three issues: 1) it’s a near-perfect example of the psychological principle of intermittent variable reward, the key addictive element of slot machines. 2) The strong “feeling of connectedness” Twitterers get can […]

How team members might accept change

In the “The Secret Language of Success: Using Body Language to Get What You Want” by Dr. David Lewis (1989), Dr. Lewis suggests you can determine how a person on your team views change by having them repaeta a simple phrase. Dr Lewis recommends you get each of them to repeat the following 5 words […]

Establishing Trust is CRITICAL for effective Online Communication

An article in Science Daily states that, Establishing Trust Online Is Critical For Online Communication there conclusions were reported in a paper “Swift Trust in Virtual Teams”. The authors, Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Naomi Rotter, argue that virtual team leaders and on-line teachers need to overcome the potential coldness of the electronic medium and suggest […]

Collaborative Thinking

In William Issacs book on the “Dialogue and the art of thinking together” he introduces the Four-Player System originally developed by David Kantor. This is a very important technique for supporting real collaborative thinking in teams. In any productive group thinking dialogue all four of the following roles should be in play: Mover Without Movers […]