Behavioral Health

Behavioral health includes threads that touch all programs areas for extension professionals.  Difficult economic conditions, natural disasters, and addiction are just a few potential topics. Any of these may need to be addressed at one time or another in extension programs in agriculture, youth development, families, nutrition and health, community development, or natural resources.

How do eXtension and the Impact Collaborative support extension professionals working in behavioral health or looking to add a new component to their programs?

Whether you have an idea, see a need and aren’t sure how to address it or have an established behavioral health program, the Impact Collaborative (IC) can help you! The IC process is structured to incubate innovative ideas and accelerate their development as projects for measurable local impact. Benefits of the IC include:

  • Dedicated time for individual or team ideation, planning, and collaboration through events like Designathon One and Designathon Two.
  • Connect with other extension professionals working in behavioral health through designathons, virtual professional development opportunities, and networking.
  • Connect with leaders in Behavioral health. IC participants will have access to key informants, a program fellow and organizing committee to help find solutions to barriers or challenges they encounter.

2018 Behavioral Health Impact Collaborative

Past Behavioral Health Cohorts

2018 is the first cohort dedicated to behavioral health topics