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eXtension Strategic Planning Scheduled for 2013-2014: External Evaluation and Surveys Complete

This past February information was shared about an evaluation of eXtension being conducted by Socient Associates at the request of the Extension Committee on Policy (ECOP) and the eXtension Governing Committee. Socient Associates was charged with answering key questions about eXtension. These questions may be reviewed at The report was completed in July and […]

eXtension & Nebraska Team Up on App Development & Distribution

The eXtension Foundation and Educational Media at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have partnered to offer app development and distribution opportunities for Communities of Practice and Extension organizations across the country. Services include: • Managing the eXtension Apple and Google Play stores. • Consultation and development services for Communities of Practice to develop applications or estimate […]

Collaborative Thinking

In William Issacs book on the “Dialogue and the art of thinking together” he introduces the Four-Player System originally developed by David Kantor. This is a very important technique for supporting real collaborative thinking in teams. In any productive group thinking dialogue all four of the following roles should be in play: Mover Without Movers […]

Is email dead

Probably not with 50 billion e-mails dispatched every day wordwide but the signal to noise ratio is getting pretty bad with The Times, July 15, reporting in ONLINE, ON THE PHONE, ON THE UP that 88% of them are junk. It is really evident when I am using my smartphone, all the junk mail appears […]