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Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 5

Optimizing for Health: Linking Land Grant Knowledge Assets in Support of Healthy People, Food Systems and Communities. When a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is found by connecting with more of itself. – Francisco Varela Village rice fields, Shirakawa-go, Gifu-ken Japan (photo by Joel Abroad, The scene above is an example […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Pollinator Spaces Project Expands

I am excited to say that in 2016 the Pollinator Spaces Project registered over 60 new gardens in 20 Georgia counties.  As other gardeners have heard about the project we have been asked to continue the project into 2017.   We are happy to do so! The Georgia Pollinator Census After working with this initiative […]

Call for Proposals for New Diversity and Inclusion Issue Corps

The eXtension Foundation is launching the first Issue Corps of 2017 with a call for proposals for projects on improving Diversity and Inclusion within Cooperative Extension, its partners, and the public. Proposals are due December 5, 2016. The Issue Corps experience combines virtual and face-to-face events to assist corps members in developing projects that can […]

i-Three Issue Corps: No-till as an Adaptation to Weather Variability

The Northern Plains region is not a stranger to extreme weather and too much rain or too little rain is often a problem when managing crop land. In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and thousands of miles away from any ocean, the Northern Plains can have some of the most extreme weather in North […]

i-Three Issue Corps – 10 Keys to Developing Engaging Online Extension Courses

Have you ever taken an online course?  Was it required or for fun?  What was your motivation?  Semester-long, short course, less than a week?  For a fee or free?  Did you complete it?  Was it a good experience or more like how NOT to teach online? From your experience, think about three things that make […]

i-Three Issue Corps- E3 Garden Project

The E3 Garden Project was the brain child born through the i-Three Issue Corps by Alabama Extension Specialists, Dr. Rudy Pacumbaba and Dr. Andrea Morris.  The project seeks to Engage, Educate and Empower communities on topics surrounding nutrition, physical activity, conservation, and of course gardening!  Utilizing Alabama A&M University Freshman students, enrolled in the Service […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Secure Your Farm Premises Against Extreme Weather: Flood

Creating a practical course for small farmers, particularly women farmers, was the focus of our i-Three Corps project. Jerri Hammonds—she’s the technical wizard of our Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) community of practice—and I devised a re-make of the online Farm Security course. We planned to make it engaging and interactive, with brief scenarios, short video […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Got Pests? Critter-Proofing School Gardens and Buildings to Safeguard Children

School gardens and food service areas can have a tremendous impact on kids’ nutrition education and provide an excellent environment for experiential learning. Schools across the US have embraced school gardening and increasingly incorporate their garden veggies into school lunches and classroom snacks. While getting kids involved in growing and choosing healthy food has many […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Climate Literacy for Youth

Climate Literacy for Youth is a collaborative effort between Auburn University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to extend online learning for youth on the topic of climate science. Through an ongoing USDA NIFA grant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has developed an online learning module focused on climate science for youth audiences. In partnership with the […]