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i-Three Issue Corps: No-till as an Adaptation to Weather Variability

The Northern Plains region is not a stranger to extreme weather and too much rain or too little rain is often a problem when managing crop land. In the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and thousands of miles away from any ocean, the Northern Plains can have some of the most extreme weather in North […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Secure Your Farm Premises Against Extreme Weather: Flood

Creating a practical course for small farmers, particularly women farmers, was the focus of our i-Three Corps project. Jerri Hammonds—she’s the technical wizard of our Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) community of practice—and I devised a re-make of the online Farm Security course. We planned to make it engaging and interactive, with brief scenarios, short video […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Climate Literacy for Youth

Climate Literacy for Youth is a collaborative effort between Auburn University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension to extend online learning for youth on the topic of climate science. Through an ongoing USDA NIFA grant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has developed an online learning module focused on climate science for youth audiences. In partnership with the […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Reducing Climate Risk: The Power of Phenology!

Phenology in agriculture refers to the various plant development phases such as germination, flowering, and maturity. Tracking and predicting crop development stages has several practical applications in field crops and fruit trees such as determining the planting date to miss the average early fall frost, determining crop protection spray windows based on crop stage, defining […]

i-Three Issue Corps – As if you were there: Farm Tour 360

Last week, our project officially moved from the planning phase to the implementation phase as our entire project team assembled in Smyrna, Delaware to pilot our first site! Our Project Our goal is to share stories of agriculture and forestry climate adaptation and mitigation practices in use across the northeast region using several forms of […]

i-Three Issue Corps: Ag Adaption to Variable Weather

Project Progress Our I-Three Corps project is on schedule, YEAH!!! Our team, six members from three states, have been diligently working on the project and nearing completion.  To date, our team has finalized the evaluation method and questions for the project, identified two producers (Montana and Nebraska) and two citizen scientists (Montana) to interview and […]