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Data Visualization Makeover

This post is a little embarrassing. I’m going to share some not-so-pretty (and not-so-effective) graphics that I have made…and presented…multiple times. Then I’ll walk you through the steps I took to create new and improved versions using my seven elements of good data visualization. First, about the data. These data were collected by the Nebraska […]

Seven Elements of Good Data Visualization

To prompt behavior change, we must be able to effectively communicate data. Not convinced? Read this post on why data visualization matters. The goal of this article is to dig in deeper and present some foundational concepts for creating good data visuals. A recent eXtension webinar[i] described numerous tools and programs at our disposal for […]

Data Visualization for Extension Professionals: Why Does it Matter?

“We face danger whenever information growth outpaces our understanding of how to process it.”[i] The ability to generate data has greatly increased in recent years, across all sectors, including agriculture. In fact, according to VCloud News, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years alone[ii]. This “big data” is harnessed […]

Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 4

Andaman Islands coral reef. Photograph by Ritiks, distributed under CC BY-SA 3.0 license @ Emergent by Design: Solutions Creating More Solutions Over several previous posts1 I’ve written about why Cooperative Extension and the Land Grant system as a whole might (and in some cases already has begun to) embrace a more network-centric approach, enabling it […]

First Call for eXtension 2017 Innovation Project Grants

Are You an Extension Innovator? Submit Your Concepts Now for 2017 Innovation Grants eXtension Foundation, Inc., the U.S. Cooperative Extension System’s national resource for advancing innovation and providing professional development for Extension professionals, is seeking initial abstract proposals for prescreening for 2017 Innovation Projects funding. 50-Word Abstract Deadline is Monday, December 19th, 2016, 5:00 p.m. […]

Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 3

Cultivating Solutions in Place through a Network-Centric Approach The Death of Expertise? Many would agree our recent elections have revealed deep and troubling divides in our country. Though there are certainly several contributing factors some have framed and perhaps foretold this as part of a larger global populist wave rejecting what many perceive as elitist experts and […]

Citizen Science Resources for Cooperative Extension

As part of my 2015-16 eXtension Citizen Science Fellowship, I compiled a set of resources for Citizen Science in Cooperative Extension. Read also my thoughts on the State of Citizen Science in Extension in 2016. Citizen science is continuing to grow inside and outside of Extension. There are many partnerships that cross the “boundaries” of […]

i-Three Issue Corps – As if you were there: Farm Tour 360

Last week, our project officially moved from the planning phase to the implementation phase as our entire project team assembled in Smyrna, Delaware to pilot our first site! Our Project Our goal is to share stories of agriculture and forestry climate adaptation and mitigation practices in use across the northeast region using several forms of […]

Interactive Print: Bringing words to life

Hopefully you are now super excited at the possibilities and ready to take the next step! Interactive print is a great way to promote Extension as well as using it as an educational tool. Let’s explore four of the most popular AR platforms so you can figure out which one will work best for your […]