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Beyond Static Graphs: Engage Your Audience with Interactive Data Visualizations

Interactive data visualizations allow you to display complex data in interesting ways and allow viewers to be active participants in exploring the data. Check out some of these some great examples of interactive data visualizations for inspiration. The Washington Post[i] presents a political visual that pairs graphics and a narrative that you can interact with […]

Data Visualization Makeover

This post is a little embarrassing. I’m going to share some not-so-pretty (and not-so-effective) graphics that I have made…and presented…multiple times. Then I’ll walk you through the steps I took to create new and improved versions using my seven elements of good data visualization. First, about the data. These data were collected by the Nebraska […]

Seven Elements of Good Data Visualization

To prompt behavior change, we must be able to effectively communicate data. Not convinced? Read this post on why data visualization matters. The goal of this article is to dig in deeper and present some foundational concepts for creating good data visuals. A recent eXtension webinar[i] described numerous tools and programs at our disposal for […]

Data Visualization for Extension Professionals: Why Does it Matter?

“We face danger whenever information growth outpaces our understanding of how to process it.”[i] The ability to generate data has greatly increased in recent years, across all sectors, including agriculture. In fact, according to VCloud News, 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years alone[ii]. This “big data” is harnessed […]

Image Audit Nears Completion

eXtension content includes more than 10,000 images. This summer we received inquiries concerning copyright documentation from individuals and stock photo companies regarding some of the legal aspects of our hosted images. Even though our content management system provides ability to document an image source, there were gaps in providing proper attribution. To reduce the legal […]
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All Reasonable Efforts to Market Cooperative Extension

I must confess, while living most of my life as a working wife, mother, and homeowner, I was completely unaware what Cooperative Extension was, or how its programs wove a thread behind the scenes that actually impacted my life. All that changed when I stepped into the land-grant light 15 years ago. Since then, it’s […]
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Six Easy Steps to Stretch Social Media Mileage

Across the nation, Cooperative Extension has planted a significant footprint on social media platforms, and this presence varies widely from state to state. This investment in social media is one innovative technique that reaches new and diverse audiences. It is an important one that needs your help. Regardless of specific strategic plans your institution may […]

16 Communities of Practice, 41 Media Mentions eXtension in the National News: February 2013

National media outlets featured and cited eXtension on a number of topics in the past month. The media mentions are listed alphabetically by resource areas. The media mentions are posted at with active links to the articles. Ag energy, farm energy – 2 mentions 02-28-13 Energy Department and USDA Partner to Support Energy Efficiency […]

eXtension in the National News: January 2013

Fourteen national media outlets featured and cited eXtension on seven Communities of Practice. The 17 media mentions are listed alphabetically by resource areas. Animal manure management – 1 mention National Waste-to-Worth Conference Scheduled for April 1-5 National Hog Farmer 01/10/13 Dairy – 1 mention Update On Vitamin Nutrition Of Dairy Cows 01/21/13 Families, food […]