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Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 5

Optimizing for Health: Linking Land Grant Knowledge Assets in Support of Healthy People, Food Systems and Communities. When a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is found by connecting with more of itself. – Francisco Varela Village rice fields, Shirakawa-go, Gifu-ken Japan (photo by Joel Abroad, The scene above is an example […]

Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 4

Andaman Islands coral reef. Photograph by Ritiks, distributed under CC BY-SA 3.0 license @ Emergent by Design: Solutions Creating More Solutions Over several previous posts1 I’ve written about why Cooperative Extension and the Land Grant system as a whole might (and in some cases already has begun to) embrace a more network-centric approach, enabling it […]

Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 3

Cultivating Solutions in Place through a Network-Centric Approach The Death of Expertise? Many would agree our recent elections have revealed deep and troubling divides in our country. Though there are certainly several contributing factors some have framed and perhaps foretold this as part of a larger global populist wave rejecting what many perceive as elitist experts and […]

Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 1

Part 1: Knowledge through Conversation It’s always a pleasure reconnecting with and learning from colleagues at eXtension conferences. Last March’s in San Antonio was no different, which included convivial meals along the River Walk and several stimulating workshops. One workshop led by my Network Literacy CoP cohorts included this video by UMN Extension program leader Nate Meyer. In it he encourages […]

Working Differently: Disruptive #CoopExt Professor @ Utah State University

If there were one thing Paul Hill, millennial, Utah State University Extension assistant professor and 4-H agent, could change about the Extension culture it is convincing Extension workers and their bosses that each person should spend at least 10 percent of their time on social media. “We are change agents trying to convince people to […]

Twitter Cohort to Begin October 21

Contrary to some perceptions, social networks aren’t just about what you ate for lunch or staying in touch with old friends. Social networks can provide a space for you to explore, learn, share, promote your work, and connect with geographically dispersed colleagues. Using a social network in these ways first requires you to be comfortable […]

Treadmills are Hopping in Avatar Fitness Club with 21,570 Visits in September

eXtension’s Avatar Fitness Club in Second Life attracted 21,570 visits since opening on September 1. The club offers a social environment for changing habits and maintaining weight loss by virtually modeling a routine of regular exercise. The club is free to join, and visitors come from the USA and many countries around the world. Research […]

Avatar Fitness Club featured in September Virtual 3D Update

The Avatar Fitness Club is open on eXtension’s Morrill3 island in Second Life. Research at University of Kansas, funded by the National Institutes of Health, indicates that a weight loss management program using a Second Life avatar can be as effective or even more so than attendance at a physical world clinic. See the research […]

eXtension in Second Life on Target for 600% Increase in Vistor Traffic

eXtension in Second Life® is on target for an outstanding 600% increase in vistor traffic in 2013. The key to this success is to regularly feature content that is fresh, dynamic, relevant, and fun. The next featured event will be Bedbug Hotel, opening June 10. In this scenario, visitors will learn facts about the growing […]