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Beyond Static Graphs: Engage Your Audience with Interactive Data Visualizations

Interactive data visualizations allow you to display complex data in interesting ways and allow viewers to be active participants in exploring the data. Check out some of these some great examples of interactive data visualizations for inspiration. The Washington Post[i] presents a political visual that pairs graphics and a narrative that you can interact with […]

Building Evaluation Capacity Through Data Jams, Part 3: Readying Extension for the Systematic Analysis of Large Qualitative Datasets

In this third blog post on the University of Wisconsin-Extension Data Jam Initiative, I will focus on four institutional outcomes of this Evaluation Capacity Building Framework. INSTITUTIONAL OUTCOME 1: Continuous use of Institutionally Collected Data The Data Jam Initiative provides colleagues with the tools, skills, support and community they need to engage in the analysis of large, […]

Building Evaluation Capacity Through Data Jams, Part 1: A Response to the Data Challenge

Collecting large amounts of textual data is easier than ever – but analyzing those growing amounts of data remains a challenge. The University of Wisconsin – Extension responds to this challenge with the “Data Jam Initiative”, an Evaluation Capacity Building model that focuses on the collaborative, making-centered use of Qualitative Data Analysis Software.  In this first of three blog posts […]

‘People’: Meet the New (Almost the Same as the Old) Application

eXtension’s “People” application – on the web at – is at the center of eXtension’s websites and services. For most of eXtension’s applications, every sign in and every account, goes through People. When it’s unavailable, so are the other services in eXtension. Thankfully, for almost five years, the People site has been the workhorse […]

AaE 2.0 Design Process: Groups

One of the areas we want to address in the new Ask an Expert (AaE) is a better way for people to work together. To this effect, we are looking at introducing groups. Aside from being an organizational tool, groups would provide a new way to assign and answer questions. In fact, a group would […]

AaE 2.0 Design Process: Displaying Answers

Last week we shared some of the features and changes conceived for the new version of Ask an Expert ( To say the least, the proposed changes sparked a lively and robust discussion. We are listening to all the feedback that’s coming in and incorporating it into the design process. Furthermore, we want to continue […]

Events at eXtension: Learn and

eXtension currently offers two different options to list and promote events. There’s the calendar listings on and listings in Learn. Events posted to the calendar are simply listings. They may include online events or events with a physical location such as conferences, field days, meetups, clinics or workshops. Events with a physical location […]

New AaE Release: Widget Group Notifications for Incoming Questions

Just released today is the ability to configure your Ask an Expert widget to send out notifications to all widget assignees for incoming questions submitted through the widget. This allows for another method of monitoring incoming questions for widgets and each notification email will give important information about the question including the submit date, the […]

Search in Ask an Expert

Just a quick post to mention that Ask an Expert now has a global search field that can be accessed from anywhere in the AaE application. Previously, you needed to view a question detail page to get to the search field. We hope this little change makes AaE easier to use!