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eXtension Virtual Learning Tops 70,000 in 2013

The total number of visits to eXtension virtual learning environments in Second Life for the 2013 year is 71,604. The Avatar Fitness Club continues to drive traffic to eXtension in Second Life, with more than 31,000 visits to the club since September 1. This venue offers a social environment for changing habits and maintaining weight […]

JCEP Excellence in Teamwork Award to HorseQuest

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals has honored eXtension’s HorseQuest community of practice with its Excellence in Teamwork award. This honor, awarded annually, encourages and recognizes successful Extension team programs or projects that demonstrate effective performance and significant result impacts at community, area, state or multi-state levels. Team members recognized and supporting the nomination included: […]

Ever wondered how to form a community of practice?

If you are interested in forming a community of practice for eXtension the process is really straight forward and easy to do. The eXtension Community of Practice Handbook contains a reference sheet on forming a community of practice. This reference sheet walks you through a step by step process of forming a community. The community […]

How team members might accept change

In the “The Secret Language of Success: Using Body Language to Get What You Want” by Dr. David Lewis (1989), Dr. Lewis suggests you can determine how a person on your team views change by having them repaeta a simple phrase. Dr Lewis recommends you get each of them to repeat the following 5 words […]

Establishing Trust is CRITICAL for effective Online Communication

An article in Science Daily states that, Establishing Trust Online Is Critical For Online Communication there conclusions were reported in a paper “Swift Trust in Virtual Teams”. The authors, Starr Roxanne Hiltz and Naomi Rotter, argue that virtual team leaders and on-line teachers need to overcome the potential coldness of the electronic medium and suggest […]

Collaborative Thinking

In William Issacs book on the “Dialogue and the art of thinking together” he introduces the Four-Player System originally developed by David Kantor. This is a very important technique for supporting real collaborative thinking in teams. In any productive group thinking dialogue all four of the following roles should be in play: Mover Without Movers […]

Virtual Team Ice Breaker

The Virtual Team Opportunity Iceberg is a very simple spreadsheet for letting you and your fellow team members instantly spot the potential for improvement in your teams. It’s not intended to be precise – a show of hands will do – but it can be a great team ice-breaker! Just answer these 3 simple questions […]

Monthly audio calls established for CoP core leadership

Monthly audio calls with all of the core leadership of the 8 pioneer communities of practice are established starting May 15th. The calls will be an hour in length and will be on the third Monday of every month beginning on May 15th. Time will be 2 PM (Eastern), 1 PM (Central), 12 PM (Mountain), […]

Potential Community of Practice Subject Matter Areas

Thought we might start a conversation on potential CoPs… Let’s begin a dialogue or share areas in which people are complating creating communities of practice around. This will allow others to see what areas are being proposed and see if their skills and expertise could benefit a proposed CoP.

Virtual Teams – a new paradigm from nature

Bioteaming:Why virtual teams need more than internet technology to succeed What caught my attention was the reference to virtual networked eams being a different beasts… “Virtually” means that the team will be dependent on Internet technologies much more than before. Less obvious but equally significant is the fact that “virtually” also means that the team […]