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Solving for Pattern: Reimagining our Land Grant System as Networked Knowledge Commons, Part 1

Part 1: Knowledge through Conversation It’s always a pleasure reconnecting with and learning from colleagues at eXtension conferences. Last March’s in San Antonio was no different, which included convivial meals along the River Walk and several stimulating workshops. One workshop led by my Network Literacy CoP cohorts included this video by UMN Extension program leader Nate Meyer. In it he encourages […]

New Fellowship Opportunity Supporting Extension’s Participation and Impact in the “Network Revolution”

The vision I have for the Web is about anything being potentially connected with anything…that provides us with new freedom…unfettered by the hierarchical classification systems into which we’ve bound ourselves…. bringing the workings of society closer to the workings of our minds. Tim Berners-Lee, in Weaving the Web: The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of […]

Image Audit Nears Completion

eXtension content includes more than 10,000 images. This summer we received inquiries concerning copyright documentation from individuals and stock photo companies regarding some of the legal aspects of our hosted images. Even though our content management system provides ability to document an image source, there were gaps in providing proper attribution. To reduce the legal […]

eXtension Testimonials Sent to NIFA

Recently the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) asked for customer testimonials about eXtension. Testimonials came from comments about the web site, webinars, Ask an Expert, Moodle courses (learning lessons) and YouTube . See

Do you Twitter?

Is Twitter TOO Good? Kathy Sierra has a very interesting post about Twitter. “Twitter scares me. For all its popularity, I see at least three issues: 1) it’s a near-perfect example of the psychological principle of intermittent variable reward, the key addictive element of slot machines. 2) The strong “feeling of connectedness” Twitterers get can […]

Virtual Teams – a new paradigm from nature

Bioteaming:Why virtual teams need more than internet technology to succeed What caught my attention was the reference to virtual networked eams being a different beasts… “Virtually” means that the team will be dependent on Internet technologies much more than before. Less obvious but equally significant is the fact that “virtually” also means that the team […]