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All Reasonable Efforts to Market Cooperative Extension

I must confess, while living most of my life as a working wife, mother, and homeowner, I was completely unaware what Cooperative Extension was, or how its programs wove a thread behind the scenes that actually impacted my life. All that changed when I stepped into the land-grant light 15 years ago. Since then, it’s […]
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Who’s in your speed dial favorites?

As a student of the 80’s and early 90’s, I really didn’t get a chance to fully benefit from the electronic communication age until I joined the full-time workforce. Then I discovered the power of email and the use of electronic mail magic to get programming information out to county professionals at record speed. No […]
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Working Out Loud Events

eXtension will be celebrating International Working Out Loud Week from November 16-23. Working Out Loud at its most basic level is about making your work visible for others to observe and contribute to it in a way that benefits everyone involved. It enhances the creative process, shortens innovation cycles, builds trust, and reduces surprises. When […]

Ten statistics that reveal the size and scope of the Maker Movement

The Maker Movement is being lauded as the New Industrial Revolution. It has arrived and “it will be bigger than the Web,” says Chris Anderson, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired magazine. A new generation of hackers, designers, artists and entrepreneurs are all part of the rise of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) culture that has led to Makerspaces sprouting […]

Plenty of Learning Opportunities Available!

2015 has begun with some very interesting and useful learning opportunities found in eXtension’s Learn! Here I’ve included upcoming ones on various topics for which people have expressed interest by Following, as well as recent learning events in April which have a recording available. Many other and newly added events are also listed so […]

Working Differently: Disruptive #CoopExt Professor @ Utah State University

If there were one thing Paul Hill, millennial, Utah State University Extension assistant professor and 4-H agent, could change about the Extension culture it is convincing Extension workers and their bosses that each person should spend at least 10 percent of their time on social media. “We are change agents trying to convince people to […]

Working Differently: North Dakotans Honored by White House

Bob Bertsch and Becky Koch of North Dakota State University Agriculture Communication, along with Myriad Devices, were honored as White House Champions of Change Sept. 24 for their two phone apps. The Winter Survival Kit and Disaster Recovery Log apps first were honored by FEMA’s Individual and Community Preparedness Division as the 2012 Innovative Use […]

Working Differently: Writers Feature Trending Topics on eXtension Home Page

With the advent of a new web site in July, the home page feature is now written specifically for eXtension. The top articles are about trending topics related to land-grant university resources and science-based topics. The topics do not need to be an eXtension community of practice area. The original articles use at least two […]

Working Differently – Wildfire Experts

What is the value of eXtension? That was the question for three eXtension wildfire experts. Answers: Glenn Nader, University of California Cooperative Extension Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor in Butte, Sutter and Yuba Counties “First, Learning as you interact with experts from other states. You see approaches and formats that you can quickly adapt and […]

Working Differently: Oregon State Ask an Expert Success

Administrators and staff at Oregon State University Extension have adopted, shaped and marketed eXtension’s Ask an Expert so it’s inviting not only to Oregon residents, but to OSU Extension staff as well. Jeff Hino, Extension Learning Technology Leader, and Sandy Reichhuber are the behind the scenes folks who work to manage the system, get Extension […]