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Ask An Expert

If you have a question and would like one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension/University staff and volunteers, please visit ask.eXtension.org to ask your question there. 

Staff Contacts

If you have a question for our staff, the primary people to contact are listed below by topic.

Business Matters

Peter Aamodt, CFO (peteraamodt@extension.org)

Campus (Moodle) or Catalog

Larry Lippke, Campus/Catalog Administrator (llippke@extension.org)

Communications & Engagement

Aaron Weibe (aaronweibe@extension.org)

Impact Collaborative

Ashley Griffin, Program Manager (agriffin@extension.org)

Molly Immendorf, Design Manager (mollyimmendorf@extension.org)

        Annie Jones, Innovation Facilitator Manager (anniejones@extension.org)


Andrea Hernandez (partners@extension.org)

Teresa Hogue (partners@extension.org)

Membership – Becoming a Member & Benefits

Beverly Coberly (beverlycoberly@extension.org)

Pesticide Safety Grants

Tira Adelman (tiraadelman@extension.org)

Tools or resources are available through eXtension

Mark Locklear (marklocklear@extension.org)

Webinars or Zoom

Mark Locklear (marklocklear@extension.org)

For questions on topics not listed above


Social Media

Twitter – @eXtension4u

Facebook – @eXtensionFoundation

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eXtension Foundation
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