eXtension is exploring solutions for Customer Relationship Management functions in Cooperative Extension across the country.

We’ve funded a Fellow to conduct and create needs assessments, user journeys, personas, and use cases. Additionally, our Fellow will review and provide a landscape summary of potential solutions for Extension’s use of Customer Relationship Management.

Who is the eXtension funded CRM Fellow?

Stephen Judd is serving as a funded eXtension Fellow this year to investigate and report on CRM applications in Cooperative Extension.

Stephen is the Manager of Information Technology and Distance Education for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension (UNHCE). Stephen has worked for UNHCE since 1997, joining as an Extension Educator in Agricultural Resources after completing his PhD in Animal and Nutritional Sciences at UNH. Prior to that, he served over five years in the United States Army as an infantryman and infantry officer.

Stephen transitioned to information technology in 1999 and focuses on web application development, user support, and the integration of technology with educational outreach and professional development.