Dave Francis

Dave Francis
Dave Francis

Maker – Horticulture Fusion
Dave is an Extension Associate Professor and 4-H Youth Development Specialist at Thanksgiving Point.

Within the Maker Movement, there is a new trend developing known as “geek gardening.” It refers to gardening enhanced with technology-focused methods to increase the production of plant products or to solve issues such as irrigation or pest control. Geek gardening is particularly attractive to gardening enthusiasts interested in local, small-scale agriculture and growing in small urban environments.

A related interest among these makers is “slow tools”–appropriately scaled, lightweight, affordable and open-source tools for small-scale farmers. The focus of Dave’s work will be to identify and showcase a variety of innovators, projects, and solutions in the geek gardening arena and, using eXtension’s outreach technologies, to introduce their innovations to gardening enthusiasts and small-acreage producers–and also to tech enthusiasts to encourage them to turn their hand to horticulture topics.

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Utah State University

Lehi, Utah

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