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Designathon One

The Impact Collaborative Designathon One is a two-day workshop that helps participants turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept that attracts and catalyzes key stakeholders and strategic partners. When you leave D1, you will have an innovation process and the tools  to get ideas off the ground.

The foundation of the event is the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit. The Kit was inspired by the Adobe Kickbox as well as other tools and processes that have been tested and recommended in Extension or similar settings.

How Does Designathon One Work?

For each local Designathon One event, a Design Team is identified to work with eXtension staff to ensure the event is a good fit for their goals and needs. The Design Team plans the logistics, deliverables, and contextualization of content.

On Day One, participants work through each of the levels using a mock (low-stakes) idea. On Day Two, participants will work with their team  to take their real-world idea through the process. Some of the learning outcomes for the Impact Collaborative Designathon One are:

  • Demonstrate how design-thinking and lean-experimentation can help generate creative ideas, test ideas, and move forward with ideas that are more likely to be implemented successfully with local impact.
  • Engage with stakeholders and create an action plan for how to test an idea hypothesis.
  • Demonstrate the skills to pitch a project idea and build support.
  • Distinguish different types of innovation and give examples in the Extension context.

All Cooperative Extension professionals at member institutions in all program areas are welcome to join us at Designathon One. Premium member institutions also have the opportunity to select a faculty or staff member to become trained as an Impact Collaborative Facilitator.

If you have questions, check out the Designathon One FAQ page. Or, feel free to reach out to one of our team members.