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Designathon Two

The Impact Collaborative’s Designathon Two will help participants create project roadmaps that are informed by community, expertise, and networks. Designathon Two will help participants mobilize collective and innovative actions within their community to achieve project implementation.

How Does Designathon Two Work?

In Designathon Two, participants come together for a workshop event that includes concept mapping, access to key informants, adopting new innovations, and having partners to work with that offer new capacities. All of the work done in the Virtual Bridge on investigating, iterating, and building support is brought together into a concept map. The Designathon Two event not only supports this mapping process, but also aims to break down barriers by bringing in expert key informants. Some popular key informants from past events have assisted participants with evaluation, communication and marketing, funding, and more.

Participants will leave Designathon Two with:

  • A project roadmap
  • A clear idea on how to expand membership and ownership
  • Clarity on community and stakeholder involvement
  • A sense of readiness to pitch their plan
  • New networks and connections
  • New innovations to adopt
  • Partners to work with that offer new capacities