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Diversity and Inclusion Issue Corps 2017

The eXtension Foundation accepted 39 projects with over 80 team members focused on improving Diversity and Inclusion within Cooperative Extension, its partners, and the public. The eXtension Issue Corps process combined virtual and face-to-face events (a designathon) and experiences to assist in project development, program innovation, use of technology, innovative design, problem-solving and gaining expertise focused on the solutions needed.

The Diversity & Inclusion Issue Corps project encouraged Extension professionals to tackle a NEW topic or goal with NEW strategies for execution and evaluation that can then be applied to future projects and programs. Issue Corps projects can be thought of as pilots and those findings could be used to expand to a larger scale once a tested methodology is established for the specific purpose.

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Professional Development Webinars & Activities

  • Three informational webinars about the program were held in November 2016 [Session 1 | Session 2  | Session 3]. Only session 2 has an uploaded recording.
  • A significant effort (by Ashley Griffin and Luann Phillips) was made to organize and hold webinars for the professional development of Corps members and projects.  This included 13 webinars, the online Impact Reporting course, coaching sessions, and assigned reading. Many of the webinars were organized with input from or at the request of Corps Members. View the professional development plan (all dates in the document are 2017).
  • Continuing meetings with Corps projects (Terry Meisenbach) including project-to-project work sessions to build on the synergy and “aha” moments experienced when different project teams compared goals, ideas, and aspirations.

Evaluation Reports

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