eFieldbooks: a go-to resource for Extension professionals.

The eFieldbook is a go-to resource for Extension professionals and project/program teams to begin discussion, help establish processes, and assist with the delivery of new programs.

What is an eFieldbook?

An eFieldbook is a digital book that provides interactive communication between individuals, teams, eXtension Program Fellows, authors, and other contributors.

Why create an eFieldbook?

eXtension aims to foster an environment for collaboration and innovation. eFieldbooks open new ways to engage with information surrounding critical topic areas. Additionally, users can take the eFieldbook in the field with them on their mobile devices, upload and share information in real time, and help pull the best resources together into one place from across the nation.

What eFieldbooks are currently available?

  • Bridging the GAPs: Approaches to Treating Water On Farms
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (Versions 1 &2)
  • Opioid Response
  • Extension Evaluation Matters
  • Urban Extension
  • Resilient Agriculture: Weather Ready Farms
  • Mass Media: Sustaining Pollinators
  • Kemēcemenaw: Tribal Extension Partnerships That Support Indigenous Food Sovereignty on the Menominee Indian Reservation
  • Using Digital Technology in Extension Education


How are they delivered and where can I access them?

eFieldbooks can be accessed through the eFieldbook library. LinkedIn login is required to access the eFieldbooks. This is similar to using Google or Facebook to log in instead of setting up an account via email. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you can register one for free here. The purpose of the LinkedIn login is to provide an encrypted ID to the eFieldbook so users can securely interact with that eFieldbook, take notes, and make contributions. The eXtension Foundation is not collecting your personal information. In order to receive notice updates from eXtension, we invite you to opt-in the first time you login to an eFieldbook by providing your desired email address.