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eFieldbooks: a go-to resource for Extension professionals.

The eFieldbook is a go-to resource for Extension professionals and project/program teams to begin discussion, help establish processes, and assist with the delivery of new programs.

What is an eFieldbook?

An eFieldbook is a digital library that provides multidimensional communication and interaction between individuals, teams, eXtension Program Fellows, authors, and other contributors.

Why create an eFieldbook?

eXtension aims to foster an environment for collaboration and innovation. eFieldbooks open new ways to engage with information surrounding critical topic areas. Additionally, users can take the eFieldbook in the field with them on their mobile devices, upload and share information in real time, and help pull the best resources together into one place from across the nation.

How are they delivered and where can I access them?

Each eFieldbook is available in a standard web format that can be accessed through a website. Through the PEBL platform, we will soon be offering our eFieldbooks on iOS devices as an app. A list of our current web eFieldbooks can be found below.

Current eFieldbooks

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion eFieldbook

It is here where we encourage innovative change. While change might seem hard, especially related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, it is not impossible; it requires strong change agents (a village) and YOU! We encourage you and your village to be the change you want to see. This tool has: resources, discussion, and expert interactions that will aide you in your change management journey. Go ahead, explore, innovate, and continue to build the change you want to see.

- Shatomi Luster-Edward, Ed.D.

Opioid Reponse eFieldbook

The Extension Opioid Crisis Response Workgroup (EOCRW) was given a charge from the Extension Committee on Operations and Policy (ECOP) to identify and assemble resources to help Extension play a stronger and more strategic role in addressing the opioid crisis, and more generally behavioral health challenges that emerge over time. This website provides useful information to help the Land Grant Extension system play a larger role in helping to address the crisis.

This resource provides information about:

2. The findings of a nationwide survey of Extension Behavioral Health programming
3. An extensive literature review on opioids and substance abuse
4. Links to potential partners, networks, and grant opportunities