How do I access Engage & Empower Online and who can use it?

All members can access Engage & Empower Online by clicking “Request Access” and completing the form. Please allow up to 72 hours for access. You will receive a confirmation email with your login information.

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Engage & Empower Online is a co-learning community connecting local and regional Impact Collaborative projects across the U.S.

Through cross-sector partnerships with the Cooperative Extension System’s (CES) eXtension Foundation, Engage & Empower Online is a new backbone resource designed to collectively drive innovation and action toward meaningful impacts.

These strategically-themed networking opportunities are designed to engage Impact Collaborative project teams through customized problem solving – by learning, adapting, and improving. Partners share their insights, expertise, and resources with a wide range of community members.  Through this virtual connection, they will discover opportunities to scale their talents, multiply ties generating positive change, and leverage their time efficiently at the pace of change.

Exclusive Access to Publications, Presentations, & Professional Development Opportunities

Engage & Empower Online offers eXtension members the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive publications, presentations, and professional development opportunities such as webinars and Learning Circles through the Impact Collaborative. For 2019, eXtension has become a member of the Institute for the Future, Future 50, allowing us to deliver exclusive content to our members. 

Leverage the Online Innovation Skill-Builder

The Innovation Skill-Builder is based upon the same methodology that the Impact Collaborative uses at statewide and institution-wide events. This tool is designed to help Extension professionals build more impactful projects.  The Innovation Skill-Builder’s competency framework contains seven levels, with each level containing individual and team actions. Through Engage & Empower Online, members can access this tool to help catalyze innovation in their project and program planning.

Exclusive eFieldbook Content

The eFieldbook is a go-to resource for Extension professionals and project/program teams to begin discussion, help establish processes, and assist with the delivery of new programs. eFieldbooks open new ways to engage with information surrounding critical topic areas. Additionally, users can take the eFieldbook in the field with them on their mobile devices, upload and share information in real time, and help pull the best resources together into one place from across the nation. In Engage & Empower Online, members will be able to access eFieldbooks with exclusive program content not available in our public eFieldbook library.

Connect with the National Cohort of Extension Professionals

The Engage & Empower Online platform is also a social intranet platform. Extension professionals can connect with one another within their states and institutions, and across state lines. 

A mobile app of Engage & Empower Online is also available for iOS and Android devices.