2019 eXtension Member Benefits

Access to the Impact Collaborative

Statewide and Institution-Wide Events

Engage your leadership team, especially your program leaders, in the Impact Collaborative to catalyze innovation and professional development in your program and project teams. Schedule one local Innovation Skill Building event contextualized to your needs. You provide the venue and we co-create the program with your leadership design team.

Trained Facilitators

Send one hand-picked-by-you facilitator to be trained by us as an innovation facilitator to lead local innovation skill-building workshops at your institution. Free registration and travel expenses are covered by eXtension (additional facilitators can be trained for a low registration of $200).


The eFieldbook is a go-to resource for Extension professionals and project/program teams to begin discussion, help establish processes, and assist with the delivery of new programs. It is a resource library that provides multidimensional communication and interaction between individuals, teams, eXtension Program Fellows, authors, and other contributors.

Engage & Empower Online

Unlimited access to our Engage and Empower Online resource. This includes electronic publications of resources in priority themes such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and access to an online version of our Innovation Skill-Building Experience. It also includes exclusive access to publications, presentations, and other professional development opportunities delivered virtually.

The Impact Collaborative Summit

We offer free registrations for one team, up to five people, to each Impact Collaborative Summit. In 2019, the Impact Collaborative Summits will be in April and October.

Send more for a low cost $300 registration per person. The Summits include working with key informants, partners eXtension brings to the event, and a PitchFest to win incubation with our partnership development team and external partners.

eXtension Campus

Members can deliver online courses through our Campus (Moodle) learning management platform, which has been enhanced with competency-based tracking, reporting, and the ability to charge for program offerings. At present, there are 425 courses available on this site representing the work of 34 member institutions and 407 professionals.

National Delivery Infrastructure

Tools Available to All Land-Grant Universities

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert offers one-to-one expert answers from Cooperative Extension/University staff and volunteers within participating Land-Grant institutions from across the United States. This platform is available to members and non-members alike.

eXtension Learn

eXtension members and their Extension professionals can utilize Learn to host webinars. We will support promoting these webinars through the Learn website, social media, and in our newsletters.

WordPress Sites for Multi-State Projects

As Extension professionals across the country work together on national issues, eXtension offers website hosting via WordPress for these initiatives. Multi-state project teams can contact our web development team for more information.