FAQs: i-Three Corps Nominations and Applications submitted Fall 2015

The i-Three Corps members have been selected for 2016. A roster of Corps members can be viewed here. More information about the iThree Corps can be viewed here.


Is there a recording of a webinar about the Corps selection?

Yes, view the recording of the webinar here.

Would the project have to be completed by August 2016?

Not completed but some visible, measurable impact should be available by that time.

Would we get to continue to work on the effort our team already has in the works? Or, would the i-Corps team create a new project that we would all work on until August 2016? Or, both?

It’s hoped that whatever project you’re working on now would be “superpowered” by the work you’d do within the i-Corps. We don’t necessarily want you to start something totally new. Is there some aspect of what you’re doing now you’d like to “ramp up”?


To clarify, if we submit a ’team’ application would each person on the team have to create a separate video, or could we create and submit a team video that includes everyone on the video? And, if our team includes members from multiple states that can’t get together in person would it be acceptable for 1 or more member to not be in the YouTube video?

Every team member will need a video. We want individual perspectives on where the team will head; what it’s achieved thus far. No group videos; just individual videos.

A few of the individuals I’ve discussed submitting a team nomination with are concerned with the timeframe, and what all would have to be submitted considering existing workloads, holiday, and asking for letters of recommendations, etc. So, understandably they are being thoughtful about whether or not to agree to participating on a team nomination.

I totally understand their concerns but our timelines are deliberate and thus why we are alerting folks to the application elements and needed components now. I am confident that given this early notice of what’s needed plus the three weeks from notification to deadline (even with a holiday in the mix) it can be done! I do hope your team will submit a nomination and application.

There is a fair amount of emphasis on impact. Might it be possible to explain a bit more on expectations for impact? short term, long term, local, national, etc.?

It’s probably best to look at the impacts for this project in the short to intermediate term. Local impact is also best but if, of course, there are regional and or national opportunities those should be considered.

Will there be separate nominations for becoming involved in the Corps in 2017 if 2016 is not feasible at this time?

Yes, the process will be similar but separate nominations and applications will be in place for the 2017 i-Corps recruitment process.

What is the cost to attend the March event?

There will be no cost for i-Corps members to attend the March i-Three Event.

Who can nominate?

You can self nominate or nominate your peers

How can we tell if we are a member institution?

Go to https://www.extension.org/about/extension-member-institutions-for-2015/

Do I have to have an eXtension ID to nominate?

An eXtension ID is not needed to nominate. But, you’ll definitely want to have one, just to be a part of the cool kids group who do!! Seriously, go to the People application and get your ID. It opens many doors and opportunities at eXtension.

Does the whole team have to attend the March event, or can a subset attend?

All team members will be considered members of the i-Three Corps. All team members must attend the i-Three March Event.

Can we nominate regardless if we are a premium member or basic member?

You can nominate but nominees can only be from premium or basic eXtension Foundation members. Members of a nominated team may come from non-member institutions.

How about 1994 extension partners?

No 1994 institutions are eXtension Foundation member institutions at this time. Someone from a 1994 institution could be on a team lead by someone from a member institution.


How do I add extra people into the nomination form and go back to edit it?

If you have not hit the “Submit” button you can go back and edit your submission. You can add additional nominations using the “additional attachments option” (to the right of your application) to upload additional information. If you have officially submitted your nomination you would need to withdraw it and then submit a new application that includes the additional people.

Please follow up with any other questions by contacting Terry Meisenbach at tmeisenbach@extension.org