Track that Crop: A Mobile App to Aggregate Crop Variety Data

Track that Crop: A Mobile App to Aggregate Crop Variety Data in Alaska and Beyond and to Increase Citizen Engagement with Cooperative Extension Service

Member Institution:
University of Alaska

Fairbanks, AK, USA

Key Experts:

Heidi RaderHeidi Rader

Role: Project Leader

This project will create a mobile app to conduct citizen agriculture research. Alaska Master Gardeners will help test the app followed by recruiting additional citizen scientists statewide and nationally. Extension’s roots are in “extending” research-based information to the public. This project turns this traditional model upside down by asking the public to conduct and share research (also known as citizen science). The project proposes developing a mobile app to aggregate location-based crop variety research conducted by Master Gardeners, gardeners, and farmers.

Project Updates:

The Grow & Tell app has been released (March 2017).  The app crowdsources recommendations on vegetable varieties so that gardeners can see what grows best in their area. The app helps people in areas where vegetable variety trials may not be applicable. Read the University of Alaska Fairbanks news release…

The office of Intellectual Property and Commercialization at the University of Alaska Fairbanks recently awarded Heidi Rader an inventor award for the mobile app at the 2016 Invent Alaska competition.

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